Saturday, November 30, 2013

My First Post.

Six years ago, my world changed forever. I became a mother to my son Daniel. Then, three years later, I had my second child, Mia. Being a mother has taught me some very hard, important lessons in life. Things like virtue, patience, integrity, and love. But above all, I believe the most difficult and life changing lesson I am learning is how pure and faithful children truly are. It's hard to believe in the moments that they are not cooperating or straight out being defiant, but its in the every day conversations that you can really see and understand the depth of their faith. It is with these struggles and victories that I am starting this blog. This is my online journal of being a mom. Simply a Mom, and all of the other titles that come along with it, like: chef, nurse, caretaker, homemaker, coach, teacher, etc. etc. etc.

I'll share my struggles. I'll share my victories. Our fun. Our sad. Projects. Recipes. Adventures. Sillies. Wigglies. And everything in between. Here is our little journey. I hope it blesses you as much as it blesses me.

With love and peace,